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At Advanced Mental Health Care, psychology is a tool used to assist men, women, and children in the Greater Palm Beach, Florida, area in identifying and managing a broad range of challenges in their lives. Psychology is a relatively new branch of science, yet one with origins in ancient Greek traditions. Early philosophers focused on matters of attraction, free will, and memory, which are all parts of modern psychology. This curiosity about the human mind expanded over many centuries and now focuses on the cause and effect relationship between human behavior and underlying mental processes.

Psychology Q & A

What is the goal of psychological treatment?

Everyone who seeks treatment through Advanced Mental Health Care brings with them a unique set of goals. In a broad sense, psychology has four primary goals, to:


Psychologists try to explain how humans behave in a variety of situations. This allows mental health professionals to determine which behaviors are normal or healthy and which deviate from the norm and are unhealthy.


Psychologists also try to find explanations for why humans behave in certain ways. This is the area of psychology where theories are developed to categorize and explain certain behaviors.


Once behaviors have been identified and explained, psychologists can predict how someone might react to a wide range of circumstances and triggers. The prediction element of psychology is the basis for most research in the field.

Control or modify

For most people who enter therapy, this is the primary focus. Psychologists use their education and training, combined with their insight into your life and circumstances, to provide real-world skills that help you change your behavior and improve your life.

What should I expect during therapy?

Everyone comes to therapy with their own unique set of needs and goals; for example:

  • Working through childhood trauma
  • Improving social dynamics and relationships
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Improving family dynamics
  • Coping with divorce
  • Managing the loss of a loved one

To make the most out of your therapy, it helps to have a clear set of goals. Your therapist will help you navigate both the history and the future of your experiences and choices, and can provide customized self-care suggestions to improve your daily life considerably.

In short, come to therapy with an idea of what you would like to get out of the process, a willingness to be open and honest with your therapist, and an eagerness to make positive and enduring changes.

How does couples therapy work?  

This is a common question with a complex answer. Many couples come to Advanced Mental Health Care to work with Jennifer Behnke to improve their relationship.

That process begins with a focus on individual and shared goals as well as discussions about your history as a couple. Jennifer approaches each couple as a distinct unit and helps you define and clarify your needs and goals.

As the process moves forward, you and your partner learn real-world techniques you can apply to your relationship both during sessions and at home. Common areas of focus include communication, intimacy, trust, and setting boundaries.

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