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At Advanced Mental Health Care, patients have access to multiple psychiatric professionals who can assist with a range of emotional, mental, and behavioral disorders. From substance abuse to schizophrenia and beyond, the team at Advanced Mental Health Care has the skill and experience to help people of all ages find relief and learn to manage their conditions. The practice offers therapies including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), psychiatric medication management, genetic medicine, and more. Thousands of people in the Greater Palm Beach, Florida, area come to AMHC for effective, individualized care with a focus on lasting results. Call or book an appointment online to learn more.

Psychiatry Q & A

Can psychiatry help with addiction?

Addiction is a complex condition and one that has the power to change the course of your life. Researchers believe that addiction is a brain disorder that leads sufferers to use harmful substances, including drugs and alcohol, compulsively.

Addiction is a serious problem, both for you as an individual and for those who love and support you. Psychiatric care can provide several solutions to help you navigate your addiction. Treating substance abuse is just one of the areas of specialty at Advanced Mental Health Care.

Dr. Mark DeLuca focuses on psychiatric treatment options for addiction, and each practitioner brings a unique perspective to the practice.

If you are suffering from addiction or are looking for treatment options for a loved one, reach out to the staff at Advanced Mental Health Care for more information on available services.

Are forensic psychiatry services available?

A need for forensic psychiatry services is universally accompanied by an acutely stressful set of circumstances. At Advanced Mental Health Care, Dr. Mark DeLuca offers a broad range of forensic psychiatry services to help you navigate your unique set of needs.

Whether you’re looking for a psychiatrist to serve as an expert witness or a practitioner to complete a psychiatric evaluation, Dr. DeLuca has the skills and experience to meet your needs.

With a broad base of experience providing forensic psychiatry services to courts, law enforcement, the military, and individual patients, he can create expert reports and comprehensive evaluations for a wide range of applications.

Forensic psychiatry is a specialized area of care, and Dr. DeLuca understands the pressure that you are under when this need arises. He combines the utmost professionalism with a compassionate approach in all of his services, including forensic psychiatry.

Which psychiatric services support women’s health needs?   

Women have a specific set of mental health needs tied to hormonal changes. Dr. Laura A. DeLuca has an extensive background in women’s health services, and many women come to AMHC specifically for that care.

The management of postpartum depression is just one focus on women’s health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as 20% of women who give birth will experience symptoms of postpartum depression, and that number does not include women who miscarry or have stillborn babies, who often suffer similar symptoms.

Postpartum depression can have a devastating impact on your ability to bond with your child, and it can prevent you from experiencing the joy of those first few months of parenthood. If you are having trouble adjusting to being a new mother, seek the care and support services of Dr. DeLuca at Advanced Mental Health Care.