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The more your doctor knows about your body, the greater the likelihood they’ll be able to prescribe the perfect medication for your condition. Pharmacogenomics, an innovation in medicine, uses genome testing to determine the probability that a particular drug will help — or even hurt — you. Experts in pharmacogenomics, the physicians at Advanced Mental Health Care can provide you with the most personalized treatment plan possible. If you live in the Greater Palm Beach, Florida, area, call or book an appointment online to learn more.

Pharmacogenomics Q & A

What is pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how a person’s genes affect their response to drugs. It’s a part of a movement in the medical field called “personalized” or “precision” medicine. Physicians use pharmacogenomics to customize health care decisions and treat each person directly.

Millions of people experience unwanted side effects from their medications every year, and pharmacogenomics can help your doctor determine if a medication will work for you — or if it could cause severe side effects — before they even prescribe it.

Pharmacogenomics examines every aspect of your genetic makeup. Your physician at Advanced Mental Health Care consults with you about your health, performs a physical examination, and takes your medical history. From there, they administer a genome test to get a full genetic blueprint, or genome map.

What does my genetic blueprint reveal?

Researchers have found that people with different genetic makeups have different reactions to certain drugs. Your genes provide a blueprint for the way your body produces proteins, and when you use a particular medication, these proteins perform a number of functions. They:

  • Break down the drug
  • Absorb or transport the drug
  • Target the drug
  • Play a role in the events triggered by the drug

In considering a particular drug, your genetic blueprint may tell your physician that you have a high risk of side effects or need a higher than average dose. Your genome map may also suggest that you may experience side effects at low doses, or even that you likely will not benefit at all from a particular form of treatment.

There are currently over 100 drugs with certain genetic markers that help physicians determine whether they are safe for a particular patient. By giving doctors the most information possible, pharmacogenomics may be changing the way drugs are prescribed.

Does pharmacogenomics really work?

The field is still in its early stages, but that doesn’t mean it’s not helping doctors make some of their biggest decisions. A physician’s goal is to prescribe drugs that will help and not harm you. The more information they have about your body, the more accurate they’ll be in prescribing the most effective medications for you.

If you’re interested in using pharmacogenomics to help improve your treatment, contact Advanced Mental Health Care today.