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The advancement of research and technology in the field of mental health is nothing short of astounding. At Advanced Mental Health Care, staying abreast of cutting-edge research is a top priority. Through participation in ongoing research projects and continuing education, they can offer genetic testing services to patients in the Greater Palm Beach, Florida, area. This approach allows people to receive prescription medications customized to their particular set of needs. To explore how genetic testing could improve your psychological treatment, contact Advanced Mental Health Care today.

Genetic Testing Q & A

How does genetic testing work?

Genetic testing, also known as pharmacogenomics, works by analyzing how your genes impact your body’s response to medications.

We all have a unique genetic makeup that we inherited from our parents. Those genes control how we look and how our bodies function.

Researchers have identified ways to measure and predict how your body will respond to certain medications. That information allows your psychiatrist to determine if a particular medication is likely to work for you, or if another drug might be more effective. It also helps your doctor determine the most effective dosage.

Is genetic testing an individualized approach?

Genetic testing does focus on each person and looks at his or her genetic makeup to determine the best pharmaceutical options.

However, you share many aspects of your genetic makeup with your parents and children. That means if a particular drug is a good fit for you, it’s probably a good fit for your loved ones. That’s why it’s important to share the results of your genetic testing with family members.

What are the limitations of genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a relatively new area of science, and there are limitations to what can be accomplished with a pharmacogenomic approach.

Genetic testing is not available for the full range of existing medications; also, there are different tests for different drugs, so it may be necessary to undergo multiple tests if you are currently using more than one prescription medication.

Genetic testing has come a long way in a brief period, and the pace of advancement is not expected to slow. As ongoing research expands the field of pharmacogenomic testing, the team at Advanced Mental Health Care will expand the tools used to assist people in finding the best possible medications for their unique genetic makeup.