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The team at Advanced Mental Health Care strives to improve the mental health of patients from the Greater Palm Beach, Florida, area and beyond. A significant part of the practice involves participation in clinical trials, many of which extend internationally to find new treatment options for existing mental health needs. Dr. Aron Tendler is a leading force in the research efforts at Advanced Mental Health Care and is a renowned principal investigator. For more information about upcoming or ongoing clinical trials, contact AMHC today.

Clinical Trials Q & A

What is it like to be part of a clinical trial?

Every research effort is unique, but most clinical trials have several things in common.  

The first step is a thorough psychiatric evaluation to determine if you’re a good candidate for a particular clinical trial.

Each trial has a list of inclusion criteria, and you must meet every one to be included. There's also a list of exclusion criteria, which is often even longer than the inclusion list. These criteria are important, both to preserve the scientific integrity of the trial and to protect your health.

During the trial, you receive treatment and support services at AMHC. The length of treatment is outlined at the beginning of the process. Depending on the focus of the research, you will receive a combination of counseling, transcranial magnetic stimulation, drug therapy, or other services.

What types of trials are available?

Clinical trials are offered on an ongoing basis. Contact Advanced Mental Health Care to find out if there are any research opportunities currently available.

Recent and ongoing clinical trials at AMHC focus on:

Will I be compensated for participating in a clinical trial?

Every clinical trial is different and offers a different set of risks and rewards.

In general, participants receive free or reduced-cost psychiatric treatments directly related to their trial. That often includes support services such as counseling or medication management.

The true benefit comes in having access to cutting-edge treatment options that are not yet available to the public. If you suffer from a psychiatric condition and have found little relief through traditional therapy options, a clinical trial could significantly improve your quality of life.

It should also be noted that there are risks that come with participation in a clinical trial. As with all other psychiatric treatment, there are often side effects involved with psychiatric research. Those side effects can range from minor inconveniences to potentially life-threatening problems.

Before deciding to sign on for a clinical trial, it’s important to discuss the risk of side effects with the researchers conducting the program. Contact AMHC to learn about upcoming opportunities.