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Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious condition that affects an estimated 1.6% of the United States population. While this percentage may seem small, it accounts for more than four million people in the US. At Advanced Mental Health Care, a team of professionals offers several treatment options for helping men and women find relief from BPD and regain stability in their lives. If you live in the Greater Palm Beach, Florida, area and are experiencing symptoms of borderline personality disorder or are looking for help for a loved one, please reach out to Advanced Mental Health Care for a consultation.

Borderline Personality Disorder Q & A

What is borderline personality disorder?

Borderline personality disorder is a mental disorder characterized by chronic mood instability, destructive behavior, negative self-image, and an inability to function normally.

People who suffer from BPD endure periods of intense anger, anxiety, or depression. Those episodes can last anywhere from a few hours to days at a time.

In some cases, people with BPD also suffer from other mental disorders, including substance abuse, suicidal thinking, eating disorders, and self-harm behavior.

What are the signs and symptoms of BPD?

No two people will share the same experience of BPD, but certain signs and symptoms may suggest the presence of the disorder, including:

  • Recurring suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Self-harm behaviors, including cutting
  • Patterns of unstable and overly intense personal relationships
  • Feelings of emptiness or lack of self-worth
  • Problems controlling anger
  • Impulsive behaviors, including substance abuse or unsafe sex
  • Distorted self-image

Many people with BPS are triggered by seemingly normal experiences, such as being separated from a loved one because of a business trip or vacation. They may have overly strong reactions to any hint of negative language or misinterpret facial expressions or gestures.

What are the treatment options for BPD?

Research suggests that BPD can often lead to other chronic mental health disorders. If you believe that you are suffering from BPD, seek treatment as soon as possible.

Treatment options vary, but most treatment paths begin with psychotherapy, often called “talk therapy.” Psychotherapy for BPD can take place one-on-one or in a group setting.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is another tool that Dr. Mark DeLuca and other team members use to assist with BPD. This approach helps you to identify the core beliefs and behaviors that lead to problems in your perception. The focus is on developing coping skills that improve your interaction with others.

Dialectical behavior therapy is another approach, which teaches you how to be mindful of your current situation and mood. Skills include controlling intense emotions, avoiding self-harm behaviors, and boosting your ability to tolerate stress.  

Many other treatment options are available, and your doctor will work with you to create a customized treatment approach to suit your specific set of needs.

If you or a loved one has any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek psychiatric care. Call or schedule an appointment online at Advanced Mental Health Care.