We operate a fee-for-service psychiatric practice for who value the highest quality medical .


Nurse Practitioner – $200/hr.

Therapist - $150/hr.

Psychiatry – We have Psychiatrists starting at $400/hr.

Forensic Evaluations – Our forensic evaluations start at $600/hr.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ()

  • Brainsway Deep : $250/session
  • Neurostar rTMS: $350/session

Sleep Services

  • Home Sleep Study: $600
  • Auto CPAP- Resmed AirSense10 Autoset with Climateline, built in humidifier wireless monitoring $850
  • Resmed CPAP Masks- $125-$200 (higher prices for full faced masks)

Other Services

  • Phlebotomy- In Office: $100
  • Phlebotomy- House Call: $150
  • Case Management: $50/hr
  • Optifast Program: “al'a carte"

Most of our services are considered out of network. You may be able to get reimbursed your insurance company for a percentage what you pay us depending on your policy. The money you spend in therapy out network may also count towards your insurance deductible.

rTMS/dTMS is available in-network for Cigna, Optum, United, Beacon and Medicare beneficiaries.

Almost insurance companies cover rTMS Deep for Major Depression if the patient failed or was intolerant to four medications in the current episode. Additionally, rTMS Deep are covered if it was effective for a past episode.




Welcome to Advanced , where we provide comprehensive 
individualized services to our . Although we do not charge 
like a concierge practice, our model is the same. The patient experience 
is extremely important to our group our goal is to provide objective 
compassionate with discretion. 

You know more about yourself than any doctor ever could. Please speak 
openly without fear being judged. We will partner with you to a 
solution to your struggles. In a doctor-patient relationship, *Florida Law 
protects communications * only you can waive the confidentiality. The 
only exception is a threat physical danger to yourself or others. The 
more honest you are, the more we can help. 

Appointments will not be scheduled until the entire consent form been 
filled out in full along with a credit card authorization form on file to 
secure the appointment time. Please note, *MISSED APPOINTMENTS ARE CHARGED 
our schedule an appointment, the time is reserved for that patient 
it is no longer available to others: therefore, eliminating double 
booking. If we would not bill for that time we would not be able to 
provide our high level service to our . If you cannot make it to 
the office for your scheduled appointment you can have a phone or web-cam 
session. The fee for the visit will be charged as soon as the day of the 
appointment to the card provided. 

The card provided will be used for the appointments/ sessions scheduled in 
the office, over the phone, or via web-cam. I understand that this credit 
card will be charged the day of the appointment unless I provide another 
form of payment prior to the appointment. It is my responsibility to 
inform the office of any payment changes I need to make *prior*to the visit. 

*The cardholder must understand and agrees with our offices guidelines and 
policies listed in addition to authorizing this company to bill for time 
scheduled (fee for services) to include no shows of scheduled appointments.* To 
provide services the cardholder of the credit card must agree not to 
dispute any credit card/ debit card charges for services provided. We will 
make every effort possible to provide you will the best treatment possible. 

*Your session time will be predetermined*. If important issues come up at 
the end of the session, they may have to be discussed further at the next 
meeting. Initial appointment times are a minimum of 1 (One) hour, the 
doctor shall be compensated for their time at their listed per hour for all 
services, if the time is less than the 1 (One) hour the time will be 
prorated. *Time spent on the phone, emailing or writing letters is billed 
at the same hourly rate. *Communication with family, friends or other 
professionals is billed to the patient. We may be able to provide house 
calls to who are housebound or require in-home therapies.* When 
we travel to see a patient, our time is billed at the same hourly rate.* 

You are also welcome to visit the Advanced Inc. website 
for a copy our office guidelines policies. Should you wish to make 
any changes in billing, please contact us by phone at 561-333-8884 to make 

our locations