Mobile dTMS Services

What IS the Mobile TMS Treatment Suite?

Our Mobile TMS Treatment Suite is a custom outfitted 20 feet long and 10 feet high Mercedes 3500 Sprinter Van that houses a Brainsway dTMS unit with two H-Coils. The Magstim Air Film Coil is also available aboard the van, so that it is equipped with both dTMS and rTMS technologies.


Advanced Mental Health Care designed this luxurious mobile treatment suite to accommodate those patients who are too ill to come to the office daily to receive treatments. Currently, it is the ONLY Mobile TMS Suite in the state! 

The interior is outfitted with luscious grey leather power reclining seats, limousine black tinted windows for ultimate privacy, two flat screen TVs with headsets for private listening, and two air-conditioning units for ultimate climate control.



Where does the Mobile TMS Suite go?

We can accommodate patients in their private residences, assisted living facilities and skilled rehab facilities.

The van will be parked in a safe driveway, on the street, in a garage or in the parking lot and the patient will be transported and assisted into and out of the vehicle for maximum patient safety. 

For a full list of zip codes the Mobile TMS Suite will travel to and the fees click HERE and look under Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS).



What is treatment like in the Mobile TMS Suite?

Patients are fully awake and alert with no sedation necessary while comfortably reclined in the treatment chair. Patients are welcome to watch any movie or TV show available on our AppleTV, listen to their own music on their electronic devices, or close their eyes and relax.

This mobile treatment unit was designed to have all of the same comforts of a therapeutic treatment room you would normally experience in one of our offices. The only difference is it’s on wheels and in your driveway!








Who is on board the Mobile TMS Suite?

A highly trained technician will assist your needs onboard the Mobile TMS Suite. They will assess your symptoms daily and communicate with your treating physician. The technician will execute treatment safely and comfortably as directed by the physician, just as it’s done in each of our offices.

If you or someone you know would could benefit from our Mobile TMS services, please call the office at 561-333-8884 for more information.



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